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Modem installed have WiFi yay

Level 1a
Tried phone but no dial tone. Worked with last WiFi. May be the phone. Can I connect it to the new modem? If phone still does not work it will be the phone??? Next what do I need to get tv going?

Hi @Kiwiwill,


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I'd like to know if your phone is a smartphone (iphone/android). Also aside from the phone do you have laptop or tablet connected to Wi-Fi at the moment? What brand and model number of modem/router you have.


Feel free to check the existing thread about How to change Wifi Password.


Level 1a

Hi Shane, l was referring to my home phone ( landline). And I have connected my iPad to the wifi. Thanks & Regards


Hi @Kiwiwill,

I am glad to know that. Let me have a look what happened on your phone service.

Can you PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with the account).