Email login

Level 2
Hi. I can't login to my email. I put in the login and password, press Sign In and nothing happens. I have tried on a number of devices plus my desktop. I need this resolved as a matter of urgency as I need to activate a new SIM. I was able to login yesterday but not today
Level 3

I'm having the same issue but only when attempting to log in directly to the webmail post office via a browser. Using an email client such as the built-in Mail applications in both Windows and Android i can receive and send emails.


A workaround for you might be to use one of the above or some other email client:


I'm wondering if there has been some internal concerns at TPG regarding security so they've intentionally disabled webmail access .... Perhaps a mod will weigh in to explain what's going on?

Level 3

Has been like it nearly all day, they obviously need to spend some money on IT techs.