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Forgot your TPG account password?


Tip: If it's your Wi-Fi password you've forgotten, click here for help.


If the interface below is different from your current TPG My Account page please visit Forgot your TPG Account Password? - TPG Community


No problem! Visit to reset your password easily and securely.

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Enter your TPG Username or Customer ID, the Postcode on your TPG account, then type the word you see (so we know you aren't a robot!), then click Submit.




 You can choose to be notified of temporary password via email or SMS:




 Your temporary password is valid for 30 minutes. Use it to log into My Account at, where you can change your password securely to one of your choosing.


Once you've changed your password:


  • TPG email: If you changed your password for your account with username "tpgusername1", you'll need to use that new password to access your emails. This includes changing the password in your email client, e.g. Outlook or mobile phone mail apps.


  • If you're an ADSL Broadband Offnet or ADSL2+ VoIP customer, you'll need to update the password configured in your modem/router so your TPG connection keeps working.


Now you know your pasword, how to change it in future?


Log in at and click "Change your Password".




Need more help?


Need more assistance? Not sure what your Username or Customer ID is?  Call TPG Customer Service on 13 14 23 (option 3 + 1) for assistance.

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Don't know my user name and password pls help

Hi @tony817, please send us a private message with your TPG customer ID, username, home phone number and complete address .


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community


Level 2
I just registered a data line under TPG. I would like to check on my data capacity. However, I only know my phone number. I still need the postcode and password which i don't have. Please advisr how to obtain them.
Thank you

Hi @Kboey


Welcome to the Community!


We usually send the information about your account to the Email that you've registered with us.


You may check your postcode here:


If you did not receive any information via Email, then please contact our Customer support team on 1300 993 011 for real time support.



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We have created these community articles which may help with your concern:


Let us know should you need further assistance.



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How I get the Passcode on my TPG account?

Hi @ncurusi, you can reset your account password at



Level 2

This info needs to be updated.

I lost my phone and the only option for password reset was to send a link to the primary mobile number.

You guessed it! It was the number on the phone that was lost.

There's no option to reset your password through email.


So being unable to access my account to order a new sim card I'm waiting days for TPG to verify me.

And as the lost phone is my primary number for income and my business, it's a little frustrating.

Also cant change my provider until I have my number up and running.


My advice is spend a little extra on your mobile plan so that you have the option to walk into a shop.


I will be changing providers after this Smiley Happy