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How to add Mobile Prepaid Balance

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This article will explain what is Mobile Prepaid Balance and how you can choose to top it up at any time.


What is Mobile Prepaid Balance?


Mobile Prepaid Balance is an optional prepayment amount that you can choose to keep on your account. It will be used to pay for any usage outside your plan’s included value.


Common reasons customers use their Mobile Prepaid Balance:

  • if you reach your monthly download quota, a 1GB extra data block for $10 will be automatically purchased, so you can keep connected
  • if you make an international call without any free international minutes remaining on your plan


Note: optional Mobile Prepaid Balance is only for TPG’s mobile plans which use the Vodafone mobile network, such as TPG’s T4G plan ranges.


What is my default Prepaid Balance?


By default, everyone’s Prepaid Balance is $0. You can choose to add more Prepaid Balance at any time, or you can choose not to ever keep any Prepaid Balance on your account.


How to add Prepaid Balance to my account?


When you sign up for TPG Mobile, you have the option to choose a Mobile Prepaid Balance amount.


If you’ve already signed up, you can easily and quickly add Mobile Prepaid Balance via TPG My Account.


1. Log in to TPG My Account at


  • You’ll need to log in with either your 7 digit Customer ID or your Mobile Number, plus your password
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can securely reset it at


2. Click on 'View All Mobile Service Accounts'




 3. Look for the your Mobile Number (you may need to scroll down if you’ve done a few plan changes). Make sure you find the entry with the "Active" Status. Then click on 'Add Prepaid Balance'.




4. Choose your preferred Prepaid Balance amount then click the "Submit" button





What happens if I have $0 Prepaid Balance?


In this case, you won’t be able to make any usage that is outside your plan’s included value. It also means that if you reach your quota (e.g. you use 12GB of your 12GB monthly data quota) you won’t be able to use any mobile data until your next monthly billing cycle rollover.


Maintaining $0 Mobile Prepaid Balance suits many of our customers who want the peace of mind to know that they won’t incur any charges for excess usage and will only pay their plan fee every month.



If you find your Mobile Prepaid Balance being used frequently (especially for exceeding your plan’s included data) check out our great current mobile plan range to find a plan that may better suit your needs. For help, check out or call our Mobile Plan Change Team on 1300 995 152.


Many thanks for our team member John N. for his contributions to this article!