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How to get the refund my payment because TPG's internet does not work

Level 2
Hi TPG team, I registered TPG internet by Dec2019. TPG already stop to provide the internet service without any notice. My internet doesn't work from 23Nov2020. I already called as well as emailed to inform the issue by 23Nov. I called many times and finally I find out the reason. As requested when registering, I sent the proof documents the lease agreement to In which it says 84a BECKENHAM Street, Canley Vale. I don't know why it is only 84 BECKENHAM in TPG's system and it is the root for the issue. Due to TPG can not provide the service and it is not my fault. Therefore please let me know how and when I get back the advance payment and the credit $20 when installing. TPG already withdrawal $59.99 from my bank account by 17Nov.
Mong Trang Thai

Hi @Mongtrangthai , we have located the account using your community details.


We can see that your concern has been raised to our Provisioning Team. We have forwarded your message and we have advised the Case Manager to contact you to address the matter.


Kindly await a call within the day.