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Problems with accounts dept and call centre

Level 3

Dear Mr Inaki


I am aware that this email is directed to you which is not normal as you have other more important things on your plate. However I am writing to you so that something can be done to improve the services of your call center and accounts dept based in the Phillipines who have frustrated and angered me.

These are the issues:

  1. These seems a lack of tracking of communication with different people of your call center. Everytime I contact the support or accounts dept I have to repeat same information about this issues over and over again. Perhaps some recording system should be implemented.
  2. The phones numbers provided at the end of their emails do not connect me to the appropriate personnel or the connection drops out after a few seconds
  3. The website that your company provides is archaic and useless as it does not work on an iPhone 12. It needs an update
  4. The app that your company provides does not work. It looks like it has not been updated for years and has become obsolete wit the updating of operating systems.
  5. There seems a lack of common sense amongst your call centre personnel. I appreciate security is important BUT they work like a zombie without common sense. I think this is largely due to the lack of tracking of communication at your call centres. It needs an urgent overhaul!!

My apologies for complaining but I could not get any resolution or help with my issue: changing my direct debit instructions from credit card to bank account when my credit card was stolen

Thank you your patience and I hope this will help you to direct it to the appropriate person to improve your company




Hi @peterkam46


We've responded to your previous post here.


We'll wait for your account details for us to assist you accordingly.