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Relocate NBN to the new address

Level 1c


I am planing to move house to the new address  at the end of December 2018. I've tried to use the service "Moving Home" on my portal and checked avaliablity but it can't find my new address. I'm not sure whether I can get NBN or ADSL in my new place and I have 7 months of my contract remaining. Please advise.




Hi @pentax2012,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account and seen that our Moving home team was trying to contact you in regards to your relocation application.


We've seen that they have your new address and learned that the NBN technology is not available on it, but our TPG ADSL2+ service will be available.


If you would like to discuss this further, I will arrange a call from them for your convenience.


Please shoot me a private message with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.


Click here for the instruction on how to send a PM.


Kind regards,



Hi @pentax2012,


We've seen your Private Message.


I've reviewed your account and can see that your case is currently under assessment by one of our Account Specialists.


I've now flagged this and has requested for an urgent reply on your e-mail to provide you the result of their assessment.




Level 1c

Hi Erika,


I have been told by TPG that TPG will wavied the Early Termination Fee for the cancellation of my account. I replied with the specific date of the cancellation and then this morning I got another email saying "



Dear Ravipart,

Thank you for your email reply.

Kindly confirm if you prefer the cancellation date to be on 20th of December 2018.

Once we receive your confirmation, we will go ahead and process your cancellation request.

Please advise if there is anything else that we can be of further assistance.

Kind Regards,

Michelle S. | UserID: 12963"


So I replied to confirm to confirm the concellation date as 20th December 2018. But now I got other 2 emails


1st email "
Your cancellation request has been processed and finalised.

The details of your cancellation are as follows:
 - Username: .....
 - Customer ID: .....
 - Cancellation date: 29/11/2018
 - Cost for service during 0 day notice period: $0.00
 - Early termination fee: $97.99
 - Less paid-up credit on current service: $0.00
 - Total amount to be debited: $97.99"

and 2nd email "Dear Customer,

The cancellation of your NBN service is now in progress.

If you require more information, please contact Customer Service on
13 14 23.

NBN Cancellations
TPG Internet

29 November 2018"

I checked my internert banking and see TPG $97.99 Pending transaction. I'm very confused and frustrated about it. Please advise.






Hi @pentax2012,


Apologies for the trouble this has caused. 


I can see that another e-mail has been sent out with the correct details. 


I've now also requested for a call back from one of our Account Specialists to discuss this further with you today between 12:00pm  - 1:00pm. 


Should you have a preferred time and number for the call, please let us know via Private Message. 



Level 1c

Hi Erika,

Thank you for the reply. The best time today should be around 2-3 pm. Would it be ok?



Hi @pentax2012


No worries. I've now rescheduled the call for you.