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TPG My Account - Accessing your account information online

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Do you need to get hold of your Invoices and Statements but you’re too busy to call TPG?

Do you need to update your payment details?

Have you forgotten your account password?


You can get all that information in My Account, a secure portal designed to make accessing your TPG account information easy, safe and convenient.


How do I access My Account?

Simply head over to the TPG website ( and click on My Account.









Or simply bookmark the site (


Then, log in using your TPG Username / Customer ID / Mobile or Home Phone Number and your TPG account password.



To reset your password you can follow this article from the community which will step you through the process.


What can you do in My Account?

A lot! Once logged in, you will be presented with Options.

The options available will vary depending on what services you currently have.

We will go through some common options in more detail in this articles





























We will go through some common options


Update your contact and payment details

To change your contact details, click on Update Contact & Payment Details and fill-up the form with your updated details.


















To update your payment details, watch our TPG Community video guide here: Updating your Credit Card details.


Checking your plan and contract details


To check what plan you are on and to see any remaining contact (if any) on your plan, click on Plan & Contract Details.


















The next screen will show your plan and contract details.





Accessing your Account Statement


You are not limited to accessing only your latest Account Statement. There is also an option to click on Your Account Statement Current Financial Year and Your Account Statement Last Financial Year should you require them.


To see your latest statement, click on Your Account Statement




This will present you with an Account Summary showing all your recent financial transactions – charges, payments made, including any credits done.
























How to find your Invoice

To view your payments and invoices, go to Your Invoices





To view an invoice, simply click on the invoice number in the leftmost column.






Checking your account balance

To check if you have unpaid invoices or any remaining unpaid balances, click on Check Your Current Balance.




The next screen will show your current balance, if any.


Check what mobile plan you are on

To see what mobile plan you are on, go to View all Mobile Service Accounts




In the next screen, you will be able to see all the mobile numbers you have with TPG.

The mobile plan is shown next to Service Type.
























Quick Tip: Read this TPG Community article: Updated TPG T4G Mobile plans - now with more Included Data!


Changing your password

To cchange your password for My Account, click on Change your Password.





Then, follow the instructions on the next screen.








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It keeps telling me my log in details r wrong

Hi @alieaton78,


If you're having difficulties to access your account online. You forgot your password via online to make sure you have the correct details.

You can visit this link for more details.