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TPG cancellation experience - 30 days notice

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Changed from NBN FTTN to Home Wireless Broadband. I am being charged for NBN, my account is stil NBN FTTN, even though I have not used it since 26/11/2021. I sent required email to cancel NBN FTTN. And I can't understand how in December 2021 that a company like TPG can't make an easy account transfer possible. When I ring customer service it is too difficult for them to correct my current account details. What is so hard.
Cancel NBN FTTN.
CHANGE DIRECT DEBIT from 59.99 down to 49.99.

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I am experiencing the same type of problem in DECEMBER 2021. Nothing has changed.

Hi @ianghutchinson


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We were able to locate your account and reviewed the request.

It shows that it is now in progress. An Email confirmation has been sent since 21 December 2021.


Would you like to terminate your NBN service immediately?



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My case also similiar.

It is very much painful to accept 30 days extra bill due to prolong notice period. It should be pro rata basis which is very much common in most of the first world countries. 
TPG should consider to review their policy; It may cause serious dent to their customer satisfaction. 
I am very much disappointed. 

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I'm experiencing the same issue. TPG just cut off my service today even if I'm paid until the end of the month (end of notice period). I'm very disappointed because I just paid for a service that I can't even access and I'm not even in a lock in contract.

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We responded to your initial post located here, We chased this with our Accounts Team updates will be provided when it becomes available. Whilst we understand that you’re frustrated, please avoid multiple posts, as this is considered spam. 



Same pathetic customer practice continue....