credit card scam

Level 2

i recieved an email asking to check my account info

it had the tpg logo and everything on it

now ive been scammed on my credit card 

ive been trying to contact someone all day tried on phone and online 

to inform tpg but unable to get anyone my bank has stopped my card and now i received

email saying card not working if i could talk with someone it would help 

ive been a long time customer and never had any problems before 

emails come via my tpg mail box i would think that we wouldnt recieve bad emails 

i need someone to contact me 


Hi @clemo61,


You have done the right thing and contacted your bank. Thank you for raising this with us.


The message that you have received asking you for your details is a scam designed to attain your personal information. This is known as "phishing". TPG will never request that you send us confidential information, such as passwords or bank details, via email.


If you get an email like this in future requesting confidential information, such as passwords or bank details, via email. Please do not respond to the message, and delete it from your inbox.




Level 2

Hi, I recently had a phone call on my mobile, said they were from TPG and that my internet speed was very slow and they could fix it, I checked my speed and it was very slow so I asked how do you fix it ? A tech guy came on and straight away asked for my ID etc he said to go into your bank App etc , but fortunately, I did not , but this guy somehow knew the last four digits on mt debit card and the last two digits on my Netbank A/C that upset me a bit , but I just hung up and cancelled my cards ,got new ones and reset my passwords, you have to be very careful these days!