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ADSL Dropping Out. Connection speed <1MBPS. Ongoing for 3 months. Complaint.

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I have been experiencing slow internet speeds (< 1Mbps) and periodic drop-outs since mid-December 2018. It was about this time that NBN cables were installed in my area (inner metro Melbourne). Prior to this time, I experienced consistent speeds of around 6Mbps and no drop-outs. My internet speed should be around 6Mbps at least, as per my distance from the nearest tower.


TPG has sent Telstra technicians to fix things, including replacing the line, and replacing the internal socket that the modem plugs into. None of this has worked.


I have spent around 40 hours on the phone over three months trying to have this matter resolved. I've also been required to be present at home to wait for a technician on 5 occasions. I've had multiple tickets created, with TPG raising a new ticket each time I call, rather than looking at the greater context and understanding it's all one problem.


Is it coincidental that my internet service decreased rapidly post-NBN installation in my area?

Is this something TPG should be taking up with Telstra or the NBNCo?

Why has my service from TPG, which was pretty good at this property since December 2014, and at another property prior to that, deteriorated so quickly and completely?


It's not good enough for this still to be unresolved after three months, and worse not to have a plan to resolve it any time soon.


This has taken a vast amount of time and energy to try to resolve. Plus I've had to pay out of pocket costs for extra data for mobile devices. It's also having a negative impact on my business, which I run from home and which relies on me having reliable internet service and speed.


Not good enough TPG


Hi @PhedUp


Welcome to the Community! 


I'm really sorry to read you've had such a poor experience, that's not what we want to hear at all. Even so, we know there's always room for improvement and we strive daily to make more and more positive ones.


Based on the account pulled up using your Community details, our Engineering team is continuously investigating this issue. I believe that line change has also been performed. The connection has been stable and the line speed appeared to be within range based on your distance from the exchange. 


We're concerned that you've been trying to get this resolved for quite sometime now and still no resolution provided. I'll chase this with the assigned Engineer and let her know that you are still experiencing issues, specifically with the speed.







Hi @PhedUp


Our Engineers have concluded their investigation of the concern you have reported. TPG on-site and remote testing has shown that all equipment within the TPG network is working and that the current level of service is the best that can be delivered to you on your current infrastructure. I understand that one of our Engineers was able to discuss this with you.


Moreover, as part of our external complaints process, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution.

Your assigned officer has received the endorsement today and is currently assessing your case. Please await feedback either via phone call or SMS. 


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.