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ADSL2+ connection unstable with time outs

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Our household internet, ADSL2+ (with homephone) has experienced abnormal timing out beginning two days ago. The router has mantained a very stable connection for a long period of time but now, it tries to reconnect sometimes during the day (and especially in the evening and throughout the entire night). 

* Isolation tests of physical hardware to phone sockets were performed

* Direct phone to phone socket connection performed

* Connection without the phone and only DSL line performed

* Static noise on phone line detected and ranges from minimal noise to aggressive levels


I hope that TPG technical support can analyse if the physical phone line from our house and/or our copper lines have not been affected by outdoor damage or otherwise. 

Please advise by message and/or PM


Hi @huynhmik,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We have located the account using your FB name and we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team.


The Team has identified a fault on the line, thus the case has been lodged to Telstra who has booked a technician anytime between now and 10/Oct/2018 to investigate further.


The case engineer is closely monitoring the case and will be in touch as soon as the final report is received.


Should you need any assistance, please let us know.

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Hi @Riezl,

Thank you for your response. I wanted to add my question here too just in case, but had been looked after by another TPG staff member already as well.

Thanks for providing the clarification and help. Actually, the internet's dropouts concided with the sudden weather shift. The heavy rain and downpour must have caused the cooper line to either be damaged or disrupt my line. Because we can clearly identify that when you just want to engage the phone, there is loud static noise.

Thank you,


Hi @huynhmik,


You are right about the effects of the sudden weather change to the copper network. Specially the ones that are connected to the pit, which can be submerged and cause a high voltage issue.


We've received an update with Telstra technician that they are working on the fault now and the line test is showing some improvement. Our Engineering team will provide further updates once available.


Kind regards,


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Hi @BasilDV ,

Thanks to TPG for assisting in this promptly. I'm leaving here a message with an update thus far today: a technician had appeared earlier this morning to take a look at the street pit. I missed him in person but he was looking at the connections. Our internet then was down because the DSL line / phone line had no dial tone (assuming it was a Telstra reset). A few minutes later, the DSL line worked again with a crystal clear dial tone and the internet was running with a very good 14 mbp/s. This is the usual speed we receive. 

But at 17,00 onwards, the static noise on the phone line returned and the internet is dropping out intermittently again. 


Hi @huynhmik,


We appreciate the update about how the visit went through together with the improvement seen on the connection and how was it after hours of the visit.


We'll be doing a follow up on your connection since drop outs are still evident after the technician visit and have an Engineer to contact you regarding the progression of this concern. We'll keep you posted once feedback is available. Thank you. 




Hi @huynhmik,


We've seen that our engineering team has raised this concern back to Telstra as they have detected high voltage with low resistance on the ADSL/Phone lines. This may have casued the reoccurance of drop outs and noise on the line.


We've seen that you have confirmed the appointment schedule this Thursday, 11th of October between 08:00 - 12:00. Our engineers will get back to you the soonest the job order is completed and provide further updates.


Kind regards, 

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@Jhoey @Thea

Thank you both for your prompt technical assistance. I'm really pleased with the service as the Telstra technican was also very helpful and resolved the line dropout. It was caused by a wiring fault (totally coming off) at the main street pit. The original fix was done on the outside house pit but the main cause was the main road pit. 

Was really good service so thanks again,

Level 1b

Good to see that I am not Robinson Crusoe in my troubles with TPG's pathetic service.  Had rubbish connections and speed since 2010 and all they can suggest is that I go to another provider.  I have tried to explain that with such an unreliable service, I can't get enough time on line to actually make a comparrison on what is out there.  @$39.99 per month and they don't give a toss!!!


Hi @Alan_Youngman,


We would like to offer our sincere apologies for the drop outs and slow speeds you are currently facing with your connection.


We can see that you have been in contact with our technical support team who have done all they can to improve your service.


Whilst we would love to be able to improve the service further for you, unfortunately due to the quality of the copper pair connected to your premises the current service is classed as the best we are able to provide. We understand that this falls well short of your expectations.


We have attempted to organise to have the service switched onto another copper pair however unfortunately Telstra have advised that there are currently no spare lines available and given the NBN will be rolling out in your area we do not expect any spare pairs to be available in the near future.


We completely understand your frustrations and would be happy to discuss alternate solutions with you until NBN becomes available which should provide you with a far more stable service.