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Additional email addresses for family members

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Hi there team

I'm a little confused with email slaves, aliases etc.


With my last isp my family had several email addresses eg.



and I wish to set us up similarly now that we're with TPG 

I first thought these would be aliases but then read that any aliases would divert to my main account

Ok so it must be slave accounts that I need to set up but then read once I set up a slave account my main email account gets disabled? So now I'm a bit lost


Heeeeeeeelp !!! please brains-trust Smiley Happy


Hi @peterahern


The additional email address is what we call your slave email account while an alias is an email address that serves as a nickname identity for your master or slave email account. All the emails sent to your alias email address will be redirected to the same mailbox as the master or slave account.


If you want additional email address aside from the one that you have now what you need to create is a slave (additional) email address. Creating a slave account will not disable your main account, you are just creating additional email address under the main one.


You may follow the steps below to create a slave account:


1. Go to
2. Log on using the main account username (TPG Account Master Username) and the appropriate password.
3. Look for Email Management. Click Manage Your Email Accounts.
4. Click Add Slave User.
5. Enter your desired username and password. Click Create Account.

Level 2
The user of my slave email account has lost their password. However I am also not able to reset their password even via the main/master account.
Can you help me with this please?


Hi @plumptonparish, can you try to reset the slave account password by clicking the "Forgot your Password?" on the TPG My Account page? You need to use the slave account username without the domain (


Here's a guide on how to do it:

Forgot your TPG account password?


(Please note that the My Account password is the email password as well)





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Hi, I've already tried this but the problem is that the mobile number associated with this slave account is unknown. It has been set up years ago, before I took over admin duties of this account. Are you able to update the mobile number of that slave account to the same number on the main account?

Please PM me so we can discuss further. Thanks.