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Immediately cancel my TPG NBN account. As in, right the ** now. From this date, the 23/03/2020.


Since you have no online mechanism, here's my account number: 5898551


ACCC law requires the provision of the ability to cancel/unsubscribe from services at any time when outside contract.


Cancel it now. DO NOT CHARGE ME AGAIN. 


Thank you


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We introduced the New TPG app for Mobile, please download the app, now on you can do many things, easily from your app.
plan upgrade so easy now on. 


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If you still got issues

Please PM me your TPG username, CID or mobile phone number so i can look at your service\.

kind regards



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Also need my account cancelled. But am unable to get through on any of the 'chats' or via phone.

I have emailed but no response. 


Please get in contact immediately. 

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I have been trying for 4 weeks to cancel my account...same response, left me hanging...

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absolutely useless provider !!!

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I'm also with TPG, and am tryin to get out internet fixed.

I think you guys should contact your banks, explain the situation and see if you can get them to no longer accept payment deductions from TPG.

Also, you can complain to the telecommunications ombudsman via this link:

Good luck fellow internet users!

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I think you guys should contact your banks, explain the situation and see if you can get them to no longer accept payment deductions from TPG.


If it's credit card the only way is to cancel the card. I have tried to cancel with TPG but the theives keep taking my money, and my bank cannot cancel an ongoing CC deduction without cancelling the card itself.


This company is so appalling. It's like when a fraudster gets your card and you have to cancel it.

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Cancel my account and return me my money!!!

Worst service ever

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Same here to cancel my account!

My account ID is 6185515. I’ve been trying to reach the cancellation team and no one is responding, even after I try to post on tpg community.

Please do it ASAP and do not charge my bank account again.

Thank you
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I spoke to the Telecommunications Ombudsman's office yesterday. Nearly fell off the chair when someone answered. Spoke to a guy and told him about TPG and their appalling customer service. Anyway, he said the Ombudsman's office will investigate and contact TPG in the aim of resolving my father's internet and phone connection issues by the end of April, otherwise will be escalated. Told him to come to this forum as part of the investigation and he'll get all the information he needs.