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Changing NBN Plans through My Account

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This article is a step by step guide on how to change plans on your active NBN service.


Before we get started if you want to also change your TPG mobile plan follow this guide.


1. Log in to My Account on the TPG Website (



 2. Under NBN Account Management, click on "Change your Plan”. 



3. Re-enter your TPG username or Customer ID and Password and click "Next".



 4. Select the box for "I want to change my NBN plan" and click "Next".




5. Choose the speed tier that you prefer – NBN12 (Basic), NBN50 (Standard Plus), or NBN100 (Premium)



6. Choose the NBN Bundle that you prefer:


Important: For the NBN12 S and SL Bundle, NBN50 SL Bundle, and the NBN100 SL Bundle, you have the option to include the Oz Talk Home Bundle Add-on for an extra charge of $10 a month. You may tick the box for the Oz Talk Add-on should you decide to include it in your plan.


7. Click "Next" and follow the prompts for the succeeding steps.


For more information about our NBN plans, head over to


You may also contact our Support Hotline at 13 14 23 (Option 3 + 1 + 3) should you require additional assistance.


Level 3

Why when I am on a business bundle does change plan from my account take me to the personal plans? and does not allow me to upgrade from one business plan to another?



Hi @jeltz191,


We're sorry to hear about the trouble upgrading your account via online. 


We'd be happy to assist and help you to do a plan change for your business account. 


I would like to arrange a call back from our Plan Change officer to assist and discuss the plan that you wanted. PM us you preferred time and number of contact and we'll be on touch. Thank you.