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Delays in connecting some premises to the nbn™ HFC network

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As far as I can see, TPG aren't doing anything to assist customers during this wait.

As a long standing TPG customer, I have a perfectly functional ADSL2+ modem sitting in its box, but I can't use it because the NBN has been given a monopoly on all new reconnections...a monopoly that they can't deliver on.

I also have the new TPG NBN modem sitting in it's box, which says it is 4G capable, but is TPG doing anything to help us with say a 4G connection in the meantime? Nope again.

Too bad that 5G isn't available at my address, otherwise I would have just bailed on this NBN connection and gone to the next technology.
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I requested to move my internet service on the 31st of January, however two days ago I received an SMS saying that the installation will only happen on the 31st of March.


This means I will have no internet at my new premise for two months... This is devastating as both my partner and I work from home full time...

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This has been a very poor customer experience.


I called on Monday January 25th to request connection at our new house on February 5th. I was not informed of any delays and was told I should have an installation date in 48-72 hours.


On Friday January 29th I hadn't heard from TPG so called to check on the status of the request. Again I wasn't informed of any delays and was told they would try to expedite the request so that we could have internet at the new house soon after we moved in.


Saturday morning I woke to an email from TPG saying our installation was scheduled for April 9th, more than two months after we move in.


I replied to the email that morning asking if this could be some kind of mistake. I haven't received a reply to that email.


Today I called to check if it was possible the date was a mistake. I was told that April 9th was the earliest we could be conencted but wasn't given a reason. They were going to pass me to the NBN connection team. As the wait time was 50 minutes I requested a call back.


While waiting for the call back I found this thread. I still haven't received a call back.


Like many people here I'm working from home and need an internet connection to do my job.


Hi @mattc


We're truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Like all other TPG Customers, everyone is affected by the equipment shortage for the NBN HFC service. 


I'll organise a call back to be made from one of our Case Managers to contact you today. 


I've detected that your connection is still working on the old address. Kindly confirm to the officer on when your move date will be. 





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I recommand to all of you having this problem to make an official compaint about NBN Co to Telecommunication Industry Ombusdman from the link below:

I don't think it has anything to do with TPG. It's NBN Co that put all of us in this situation and they have to pay for our lose. 

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I am experiencing the same issues as everyone else and cannot wait until my instal date of 9 March to be connected. I called TPG twice yesterday and was told that a Case Manager would contact me that day, but I am yet to receive a call back.

Can you please have someone call me immediately to discuss my options.

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Signed up for NBN and was told installation would take max 10 days. Now being told installation is booked for 25th March. This is too long a wait as I have to work from home. Also been told that it is illegal to set up an ADSL connection, how is this possible? I will be raising a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria as I was clearly intentionally misled. TPG knew there were severe delays and still lied to me about installation date. What a scam!

Hi @Danabenhersh1


A call back has been organised from one of our Case Managers. 


Please expect a call within the day. 



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Yes, there is a 5 week wait for the ombudsman


also email 


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not everyone is due to the HFC issue, some of us are due to just poor service,