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Dowload speed is my problem.

Level 2

My 3rd day on NBN12 bundle, I was hoping for 2-3Mbps on download speed.

Not the 11Mbps advertised by TPG (I'm a realist).

I'm averaging about 600Kbps which is probably slightly worse than what I was getting with my old adsl+

The speed test is fine, it reveals Download: 11 Upload: 1.0 Ping: 10ms

I'm hoping that some of you more knowledgeable mortals might be able to suggest anything that could improve this disappointing speed.

At this point, I'm looking at this as false and misleading advertising, but perhaps I'm wrong and there indeed is a remedy


You say the speed test is fine; 11M down, 1M up. These are the expected speeds on a 12/1 speed plan.

The speed will be a bit slower during the evening peak hours.

What are you doing that says you only get 600Kbps? When are you doing it?