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Frequent disconnections on NBN

Level 2
Woke up to watch F1 Brazil on Kayo. No internet.

Apologies, @spryce. We have checked the status of your service and it shows connected for more than 2 hours now.


Our Engineering Team is still investigating further and we have already made a follow up to fast track the resolution.


You will be contacted by the case engineer as soon as a new update becomes available.

Level 2

@Riezl  Hey mate. I think what you meant to say is we checked your connection and it has only been stable for 2 hours.


The way you phrased it sounds like 2 hours is a good thing?


Apologies, @spryce. Our Engineering Team is still working on resolving the intermittent connection issue and the case engineer will contact you as soon as a new update is received from NBN Co.