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High ping to Chinese servers

Level 1c

Hi Riezl, I sent the screenshots to Basil in a PM.


Hi @Sil3ent, are you able to PM me the screenshots instead?

Level 1c

Hi Riezl, 


Sure, I have sent you a PM.


Thank you.


Hi @Sil3ent,


Thanks for sending us your details. We will have this investigated and updates will be provided within 24-48hrs.



Level 1c
Hi Shane,

I received a phone call earlier tonight, and they suggested to remotely restore my router to factory default. I agreed and when I got back home to test the internet, the internet is not working at all. Can you please help me out? I get a message (attached), on both android, iOS and the Mac. Thank you.

Hi @Sil3ent


We understand that you were able to reach our Tech team yesterday and guided you with the configuration of the modem. The internet is already working and we would like to know if the ping issue has been resolved?


Kind regards,