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NBN Congestion During Peak Hours

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During peak hours I've noticed congestion. I'm on the Reynella (SA) Node, however from what I've seen on Whirlpool this is a common issue for those who care about latency. Ie. Gamers.


I do speed tests throughout the day and I can achieve > 80% of my 25/5 speed, however during peak ours, I normally achieve < 50% of this.


The speed itself isn't really a concern during the peak hours, as much as the latency.


I've been asked to provide logs and examples, and I've done this, however nothing has eventuated.


I am part of an ESPORTS team and regularly run into situations where my ping which usually is around 32mb, but it rises up to 100-210ms during peaks hours (6pm-midnight). It doesn't happen everynight. It's inconsistent.


I work in IT and have worked for 2 telco's - so I am familiar with ISO tests, trying different modems, factory resets, etc etc.


I'd happy sacrifice 3/4 of my broadband speed, just to get a lower latency.



I'm curious to hear what your suggestions are? Surely an engineer or technician can see the congestion at the POI level? and possibly proactively resolve?



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@shanoddwould be great to hear from a TPG engineer.


Without knowing the details it could be cause the CVC is fully congested with all the video consumption (think many houses and multiple devices all sucking Netflix at HD). TPG could fix this issue if they gave gaming higher priority which is a quality of service parameter. I know TPG has one of best (if not the best) engineering group in the country so lets hope they jump on and have their say...... or just fix it.




Hi shanodd


Welcome to our community and thank you for taking the time to let us know of your experience.


I have looked into Reynella and can see there has been minor congestion during peak times that would have caused the increase in latency that you have described.


When we notice a connection is close to congesting we organise an upgrade with NBN which I can see took place this afternoon.


If you notice any future issues please let us know here on community so we can investigate futher. 





@Elss wrote:


TPG could fix this issue if they gave gaming higher priority which is a quality of service parameter.



This would require the carriers to buy services at the CVC at different Traffic Classes and therefore price to the end customer changes. Avoiding contention then becomes critical at this point and thus based on the prices at the NBN CVC it would be argueably cheaper for TPG to build to your door with a 1:1 fibre service that carries an SLA.


Some fairly blunt industry opinions here back in 2016 still relevant today...


My personal take is that NBN is what it is. A residential grade network built as a faster carbon copy of the old ADSL network. Its like sticking a turbo on a moped... Its faster but its still a moped!


I personally get 75mbps at peak on a bog standard 100/40 FTTP connection. 

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NBN isn't all is cracked up to be more so since it's FTTN, your still hooked  up to the old copper wiring, they just up the price and call it better.


Better than what I ask?  I wou;d be more than happy to stay on ADSL, however you're not given a choice it's NBN  or loss of internet and phone service.



+1 I've always preferred FTTP/FTTH connections. Turns out it was cheaper to roll out and easier than fraudband

Please note: this is my views and not views shared by the company

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Hi There,


Any chance Riverstone exchange/area is going to be upgraded soon?


Last few weeks I've noticed severe degredation during peak times. My partner says it's all the time but after doing tests and troubleshooting (router/NBN reset, excluding wifi, etc) I can confirm online speed tests give me 3-4Mbps at peak times (say 4-10pm each night) and yet right now, I'm getting 18Mbps.


I'm only on the 25/5 plan but I still deserve far better then 4Mbps in peak hour.




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for a recordd, back to receiving 8.1Mbps tonight compared to last night (same time) where I was getting 20Mbps.


Tis not my local connection that's the issue either