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NBN Fibre To The Premise (NBN FTTP) Setup Guide - Updated 24-February-201


What is this guide all about?


This guide will help you set up your NBN Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service from TPG.


Read on for our step-by-step instructions or check out our helpful youtube video:



Before you get started,


Important Note: Once you receive confirmation from TPG that your service  is active, turn on your router and leave it for up to 30 mins as your router is retrieving and saving the required settings from TPG to connect automatically. When this is completed, the internet light on the front of your router will become solid green.


If you see the below browser message it means the modem is still being configured and will take about 30 minutes for the auto activation of the modem to finish.


Browser message.png







Equipment you will Need:

NBN supplied equipment:


Network Termination Device (NTD)

Backup Battery Unit (BBU)or Power supply (Optional)



TPG supplied equipment:

TPG supplied router

Power adapter

Standard ethernet cable (yellow or blue cable)




You need to make sure that there is an available power outlet where you can plug your TPG supplied router.


Please check your email for port numbers where you can connect your phone and TPG router to the NBN box. (Please see sample email below). Take note of the UNI-V and UNI-D port numbers.


Email Example:

Subject:  TPG NBN Fibre Service ACTIVE




It's time to plug in your TPG router and telephone handset to the NBN box.





  1. Connect your telephone handset (marked as number 1 in the diagram) to UNI-V port on your NBN Connection Box.
  2. Connect the Ethernet Cable (Yellow or Blue cable) on the yellow port labelled as UNI-D1 on your NBN Connection Box (marked as number 2 in the diagram) to the blue WAN port on the back of the TPG router.

  3. Connect your computer (marked as number 3 in the diagram) to any of the 4 yellow LAN ports on the back of the TPG router.

  4. Connect the power port on the back of the TPG router to your power socket (marked as number 4 in the diagram)


Check your NBN Connection Box' light status as pictured below. If you can't see any lights on the NBN box, make sure that it's connected to a working power outlet.






Note: Light may vary on UNI-D light indicator depending on the active port stated on your email.


Connecting wireless devices to your TPG router.




You can connect your wireless devices using the information written on the sticker of your router. The SSID is your wireless name that should be visible on your devices. Use the wireless password in order to connect securely to your router.


That's all! If you have any trouble getting online, reach out on TPG Community or give us a call on 13 14 23 and we’ll be happy to help.