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NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide

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Hello TPG,

I have received the activation message today. I have already completed the necessary steps but still not able to get solid blue light on the connection device. And the internet light on the modem is also not lit.
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I have plugged in my modem as i received a text to do so. I have no nbn connection. I received my equipment over a week ago & have had no other contact from tpg. I need a technician to arrange my connection
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Through no fault of of mine I cannot connect until I receive an NCD. I have contacted TPG several times re this. Please do not start billing until after I receive it.
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Same thing here. The msg is so misleading, it asks you to connect it to complete the setup. When you do, they tell you it is not installed yet... Why sending the ** message to connect????? I have also been on the phone today with them over an hour, got the exact same response, and they don't even apologise for what they did. And they actually ask me to use my own mobile as a hotspot like this has nothing to do with them, once I force them to fix them over the phone, they promised to have tech to contact me after 3pm, now it's 5.30pm no one has called, instead, I just got another msg to ask me to connect the NBN device and TPG modem. TPG is beyond a joke now. They are definitely the worst when it comes to service. If I don't hear from them and fix the issue before 6pm today, I am cancelling all three TPG services together. They are just a joke. I strongly recommend you to find another provider. They might be all bad, but no one can be worse than TPG!!!

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Hi I have followed all instructions and troubleshooting guides. I have a connection light but no dsl/internet. Have been waiting on the chat for support for an hour, thought I would try here for a better response
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Received instruction to set up today
Have done so
Received 4 blue lights
Devices recognise wifi set up etc but no actual internet connection
Have waited a few hours no but still same result
Have turned on and off a few times

Can’t contact Tpg through any means

Can someone from Tpg respond?
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Level 2
I have done all as instructed and the green internet light has not come on. The 4 blue lights on the NBN device are on. On the modem the power light is on, the next 2 lights are not on, 2.4g next to it is 5g and they are both on. The next 3 are off and the last one illuminated is WAN. I have checked and NBN are showing no problems at this address. Please help
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I have connected everything as instructed but I am getting no connection lights. Please assist.
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Hi Everyone,


I went onto TPG facebook page and send message and comment.  They called me and set up an appointment with a technician to finalise the installation.


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what happen I don’t have phone socket.
Is there is any options?