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Hello, I'm currently on NBN10 bundle with 100GB data. I would like to upgrade to NBN 10 bundle with unlimited data for $59.99 per month immediately. This can't be done via my account as the porting of my phone number is in progress.
I understand the COVID19 situation and most of your staff are working remotely during this difficult time. It took me 4 hours to get through to online chat and I was told to send an email to changeplan@tpg.com.au. However haven't heard anything 2 days on...I don't know what else I could do to make it happen.
Thanks for your prompt response.
Kind regards,
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Level 2
Found out more from online chat today, have to wait for porting to complete or cancel porting in order to upgrade plan. However after chatting with customer service, the chat disconnected and nothing can be achieved. Please help with cancellation of porting and plan upgrade!
Level 2
Spent another 2 hours in queue and below is my chat transcript:
[2020-03-28 09:28:05] [Anna] plan upgrade
[2020-03-28 09:28:26] [Anna] customer ID 3292902
[2020-03-28 09:30:38] [Anna] my chat this morning got disconnected! I need to cancel porting and upgrade NBN plan. How much time I have to spend on this issue?
[2020-03-28 09:32:25] [Anna] my mobile number is 0413 270 121
[2020-03-28 09:33:32] [Anna] really disappointed on time spent but could not achieve anything!
[2020-03-28 09:34:17] [Anna] I have chat transcript if required
[2020-03-28 11:20:22] [Anna] Hi
[2020-03-28 11:29:08] [Carvy] Hi, My name is Carvy.
I understand that you would like to chnge your plan. I can help you by answering some general information for we have limited access to your acct.
If you wish to proceed with the plan change,you can do it online via My acct or you can simply send an email to planchange@tpg.com.au.
[2020-03-28 11:29:14] [Anna] Hi Carvy
[2020-03-28 11:29:41] [Anna] have done it but no reponse
[2020-03-28 11:30:32] [Anna] I was on chat with Dave and he was about to connect me to a specialist but disconnected
[2020-03-28 11:31:11] [Anna] I need to cancel porting of my number first before upgrading the plan
[2020-03-28 11:34:50] [Anna] I know exactly what I need to do know but have to get through to customer service first
[2020-03-28 11:35:49] [Anna] Can anyone call me or for me to call? this online chat is not reliable and it took me another 2 hours to get back in
[2020-03-28 11:36:13] [Anna] are you still with me Carvy?
[2020-03-28 11:37:13] [Anna] please respond
[2020-03-28 11:39:07] [Anna] are you checking my account or this chat is disconnected again?
[2020-03-28 11:41:23] [Anna] Again, I could not upgrade my plan as the porting of phone number is not completed.
[2020-03-28 11:42:18] [Anna] I have to cancel the porting then to upgrade my plan.
[2020-03-28 11:43:25] [Anna] I will post this chat transcript to TPG Community and make a formal complaint if you do not reply
[2020-03-28 11:45:39] [Anna] TPG, you first disconnected me from chat and after spending another 2 hours back in queue, just to receive this crap info?

Chat ID: 560410