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Not Reconnected at Street After NBN Work Done?

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When I got home a while ago a cabler was working at the pit outside my house. I met the guy before and went to talk to him. He was working on providing a connection to a new subdivision a few doors up from me. 


When I asked if I'd be reconnected today he said 'yes, in about 10 minutes'. He finished up and left soon after we talked. That was around 2pm QLD time. Since then I have had no connection, but my neighbour does.


I have rebooted and reset the modem a few times, and reset cables, but still no DSL or Internet light on the TPG supplied modem.


Did NBN cabler somehow fail to reconnect me?

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Still disconnected at 11pm so it looks like NBN forgot to reconnect me.


Can you guys do something about it please?

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Ok, looks like you all may be too busy so have emailed helpdesk@tpg now.


Hi @markberk1, we can see that the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and it was later on lodged to NBN Co. for further investigation.


We have PM'd you the details regarding the technician appointment.


The team is closely monitoring this and the case engineer will contact you as soon the final report regarding the outcome of the technician visit is received.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.

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Hi @Riezl 


I got that, thanks.


A little while ago I caught the NBN tech outside at the pit again and told him the problem. He recognised what was wrong and after a short time I was reconnected.


It looks good now, speed is down but nothing unusual for FTTN - I have come to realise.


I'll leave this thread open for a couple days in case something happens that's related. I'll also TXT back TPG Eng so they can cancel the appointment with NBN.


Thanks for letting us know, @markberk1.


Feel free to message us should you need further assistance. Cheers!

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Thanks @Riezl  Will do ...