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Reducing services - Reducing Prices ?

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So the small 30mb webspace I used since the start of TPG has closed, and now the email closing too, does this mean my monthly bill will reduce ?

And have you read the terms on the email company ... F.O. will they get all that personal info from me in this day and age where data is leaked at a high rate.

TPG please tell me you are going to reduce prices on your products now that you are reducing the services offered.


Level 4

The trouble is that TPG management seem to be stupid enough to believe that they can increase profits by reducing the costs of supporting email. That's true if it was transparent and didn't impact customers.
But a 3rd-party hosting service company that's still wet behind the ears (less than 2 months old) and will charge extra.after 12 months and hasn't got it's act together because they're probably still hiring people?
And who provided the money to set up TMC. Is it someone who expects a tidy income from hosting TPG customers that will be leaving in droves?
I had been in the IT industry for over 30 years before I retired. I've seen a lot of glorious stuff-ips.
This one rates right up there with the best.
I pity TPG employees because they'll be smart enough to see the oncoming crash, but management won't.



Hi @skozzy ,


We have made the decision to stop providing email services so we can focus on enhancing the user experience for our two main products: mobile and internet services.

If you opt to transfer your email address, you’ll be able to use The Messaging Company on us until September 15, 2024. There is no information yet on any future prices, you will be notified by TMC 60 days before charges.

More details of the email migration are available here: