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Static IP and domain names for home accounts

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Hello community!


I'm after a clearer answer to this question, it brushes up against a lot of other questions, but I couldn't find an answer that really ticked the box. Forgive me if this has been asked before.

I understand TPG no longer has static IP addresses for their Home/Residential customers, only for the business accounts. Is there domain name hosting available that would perform the same function? I have a server attached to the router that would host my site and ideally this would be done by attaching a static address and pointing a domain at it. Does TPG offer this service as an add-on to their residential customers?

I host a Minecraft server for my children and their friends, as well as a site for educational purposes (I'm a software engineer, so I like to organise and share my learning with others, but I don't run as a business, just a blog type thing) which I'd like to be able to point people to. None of these applications are for profit or business use, so I'm not looking for any high bandwidth stuff, just for someone to go to (as an example) and be able to access my server.

Does this seem like something TPG already offers? Is there any plan to offer something like this?


Thanks community.



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Sorry, meant to ask if there is also some kind of DDNS type service that was on offer if static was not an option.


Hi @johansen112 ,


We do not offer DDNS-type service, and TPG also stops offering web hosting anymore.







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Hi @johansen112 . Your router probably supports Dynamic DNS through DynDNS or No-IP.  

You set up an account with one provider, then configure it in the router. When the router receives a new WAN ip address, it updates your entry at the provider.

No-ip provide a pay-for facility, or a free one that needs to be confirmed every 30 days.

Your entry would be

But check DynDNS also.

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Perfect, thanks David!

I've got an account with Dynu at the moment, was just checking in to see if they had anything helpful to add.


Cheers all! Consider this another closed ticket.