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TPG NBN New Connection Setup Help

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Need help setting up your new NBN connection?

Need help with how to plug in the cables for your equipment?

Help is here!


For ADSL setup help, click here,


NBN Setup Guides:


Check these digrams to help you connect the NBN equipment and cables in your home:



TPG NBN Modem Guides:


After you've set up your equipment, then set up the TPG NBN Modem using these guides.

If you're not sure which modem you have, check the modem box or the sticker on the back of your modem.




Not sure what type of NBN Connection you have at your premises?


If you're not sure what NBN technology you have, you can use the link below:


1. Go to


2. Scroll to the NBN rollout map and enter Enter your address


pic 1.PNG


3. Under Technology used you will see the type NBN service you have


pic 2.png



The below picture shows the differences on how NBN is delivered to your address.


pic 1.PNG