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TPG Outage: nealy 300 Emails returned to slave account 10am WST Sat

Level 3

My about 300 emails going  back to 14 august have landed in my slave account which is spcialised and not very actve at the moment. Just 3 messages a day and mostly spam.


I onlly received about 30 in my main account. Some duplicated in slave account. Nothng received in another important email account. .Obviously by my email accounts returned there is still something wrong as not registered with slave.

I don't need this TPG.  I will be all day sorting them and putting into an email account where they are probably duplicated...I want a financial payback in form of a free account for a month. My time is worth more..

Businesses follow through on your legal action based on your losses. TPG has won awards as the best internet provider and I agreed until this week. How could something like this happen and why wasn't it resolved earlier?. What was the diffficlty?. Cleaning information from a virus or hacker? Held for rasom?

I smell something is very very fishy. I dont accept the explanation given.It is too simlistic to affect sch an  issue so epic it affected thousand (will never know the exact amount) of ubscribers Astralia wide and so apparently random. What was the reason why it was apearently so random.


I dont believe it was as  ran\dom, as my area not mentoned. Tell us how many peeople affected TPG.  Too many merges would be my real feeling not related to a conspicacy theory. Too big and too greedy to handle all customers.


I now have to sped time trying to get through to techs to check my settings in TPG. I really feel for your staff as they are so polite and offer great customer service. They are going to be the ones in the front lines. 

Cant sign nto my Post office.