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'TPG' Phishing scam email

Level 2

I got this a number of times, fell for it. My bank saw through it5 and have not made a payment and have cancelled my card. They are sending me a new card.

Level 3

I'm getting these daily now. Sender is and

The header regards "Receipt not paid". Same case number each time.

The logo and general layout could fool many users.

ACCC scam watch seems to be gathering statistics, since I suspect there is little they can really do.

Will continue to ignore.


There are security updates on our servers, to ensure that the service will not be interrupted, you Need to update your details It's easily and safety.

The details are:

  • Case ID : #TPG-184-012-548-006
  • Email Address :

 Νote:If you do not update or ignore this message, We will temporarily disconnect Internet service Until You resolve this issue!
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