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[Update] TPG Email Outage


Hi @longterm-client


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We truly appreciate the loyalty you've shown to us and we very much want to turn your experience around. 


The email outage has already been resolved since Friday. I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and have seen that our Technical team have been investigating as to why your email is still interrupted. 


We'll chase this with their team tomorrow to check for any new updates. 


We apologise for the trouble this is causing you. 








Hi @nomailtoday


We're sorry to learn that you are still experiencing issues with your email.


We have since replied to your private message. 



Level 2
Has the issue sorted as we’re still not able to access our emails!
Level 2

it is now Monday morning and my email still isnt working. Has everyone else's come back online?

Level 2

TLS encryption still doesn't seem to work from any local clients including Samsung Email, Outlook 2016 and Thunderbird 68...

Level 2
Level 2

@TPG@Ahra_G Since this morning, I'm still having an issue connecting to my master email account.

Level 2

For Gods sake, it is Monday September 2nd at 9:50am and the Email system is STILL NOT WORKING.

What the hell is going on with TPG ?  Are you guys that useless ?

My business relies on email and it is now bleeding money thanks to TPG.

Will TPG be offering affected customers COMPENSATION ?

TPG should be sacking their "engineers" and hiring ones that know what they are doing.

Enough is enough.

Level 2

You've allowed your business to rely on a residential grade service for email.

That's a you problem, not TPG.

They wont offer compensation because they dont have to.

Do you know what's happened at TPG for this to go wrong?

Level 3

It is 10am Monday 2nd September and I am still not able to even og into my mail box

When is this issue going to be rectified???


Level 2

Hi everyone,


After last email outage ( Wednesday 1pm- Saturday 6:30 am) I have short access to my email. From Monday morning about 7 am I am unable use my email again. On TPG service status is any information about problem.