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Very poor ADSL2+ speed

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Hi there,

My ADSL2+ speed is only 1.3/0.8 Mbit. Hard reset of modem has not fixed the problem.

Having not done a previous speedtest I do not know what speeds I was getting when I was first set up with TPG, I just know that I was a lot faster than this.

Attached link showing one speedtest I've run:

Can I please have this issue resolved?


Hi @jmeikle89,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match.


I've completed a line test which has detected a high download traffic which would cause the slow speed connection.


If you have multiple devices, you can try to leave one device connected to the internet one at a time until you figure out which device is causing the download traffic.


Also please check if you have any application running / downloading in the background.


Let us know should you need further assistance.