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many thanks Shane - solves a major problem for us, much appreciated. We will be upgrading but I've also got my wife's office to upgrade first (bad timing - home & office instals overlap) and I'll take up your offer of an Account Specialist when I've got my questions clear in my mind,

thanks & best regards


You're welcome @Ascidian99.


Feel free to send me your best contact number and preferred time. Smiley Happy


We'll wait for your response.



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Hi Shane


Just to clarify your last message to Ascidian99,  are you saying you can port your static IP address from your ADSL2+ account on the TPG network to the new NBN service with TPG.  I too use TPG's web hosting service and have a static IP address on my ADSL link which I use to access my computer at home from the Internet.  I was under the impression that TPG does not offer static IP address with a NBN service!?  I desparately need to have a static IP address, so if it is not available from TPGs NBN account I will need to look elsewhere. My account with TPG stretches back to about 2003.  (un: ash255)


Hi @ash255,


The static IP of the residential ADSL2+ service can't be ported to an NBN residential plan/account.


If you would like to have a static IP address, then you may upgrade to our NBN small business account. You may check this link for more information.


Kind regards,