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Website files - can’t establish a connection to the server at

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So the website files no longer work, it was working before however now all I get it can't establish a connection, and I've not been able to for at least a couple of months..

I have an index.html file in the directory. I've tried on FireFox and Edge and I've got other people to check the website as well they all report the same issue.

I've tried using a direct url such as /index.html or linking to a direct png file.

and also says down for everybody..

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seems its https:// that fails.. firefox will force the address the be https://users.. which then fails.. if in edge I set it to be http:// it works.


can we get this configured to work/respsond over https as well?


Hi @danielhotop, thanks for reporting the issue. We are now in contact with our system admin so they can look into this.


We'll keep you posted for updates where possible.


@danielhotop  I have asked our system admin team to see if we can redirect or point the site from http to https, unfortunately they advised that it's not possible. Can you try clearing the cache & cookies on the browser?


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Seems clearing the cache did it, only had to reset 5 passwords Smiley Wink


Great! Let us know if we can be of any assistance. Thank you.

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Seems clearing the cache did it



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