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What to expect during a TPG technician visit

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In cases where a service needs to be installed or investigated due to a fault by an on-site technician, below are some practical steps that can be taken to assist in ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible on the day of the visit.


What to expect during a Technician Home Visit

  • A person 18 years of age or above should be on the premises for the technician visit. The technician will be unable to proceed with the work inside the premises if this is not the case.
  • When the technician arrives on site, one of the first questions they are likely to ask is how many wall outlets (phone outlets) are in the premise and where they are they located. It will assist the technician by providing this information.

         Examples of outlets below.




  • As testing may need to be completed at multiple wall outlets, it is kindly requested that easy access to these wall outlets be made available to the technicians so that they can go about their work.
  • If you live in an apartment or unit block, the technician is likely to require access to the telecommunication room of the building. In some cases, building management or strata will need to be contacted too for help:
     - Accompany the technician in the telecommunication room so work can be done if required.
     - Strata or building management may provide you with a key to the telecommunication room. See image below:



Important Reminders:

  • The safety, ease of access and other considerations your technician will need to be aware of in relation to the location of your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Also, any animals on your property need to be made aware to the technician.
  • Make sure you advise the technician of any safety issues you are aware of on the property, like any known or suspected asbestos or asbestos-containing material or if there have been any recent pest treatments on your property.
  • Phone and data cables can’t extend outside or between buildings, as they are susceptible to lightning and are a potential hazard.
  • Follow safety practices. The attending technician will be observing safety practices during the visit, safety shoes are a must for the technician.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we expedite the technician visit?
- The date provided is the earliest possible schedule that we can get.


Is there a fee for the technician visit?
- If the problem is found to be in the network, then there is no charge for the visit. If the problem is a device or equipment inside the premises the technician may advise the customer to hire a private technician (for Telstra and NBN technician) or if the Attending Technician (TPG) can make the repairs they will advise you of the charges for the job and the price for the device that needs replacing.


Can I reschedule or cancel a technician visit?
- Yes, Simply call (02) 8960 9812 to reschedule or cancel a technician visit.


Can I have a technician visit at 7pm?
- No, Technicians are available for onsite visits between 8am – 5pm from Monday and Saturday. We do not cater to after-hours appointment. There are 3 time slots during the day available: 8am-12nn; 10am-2pm; 1pm-5pm.

How long do I wait for the technician?
- The Appointment has a window of 4hours, for example a job window of 8am to 12nn; this means the technician will be arriving at the premises between 8am to midday and the time of stay in the premises for the job is not capped at 12 midday.

Can the technician call me before they arrive?

Yes, the technician will call you on approach within 30mins of arrival. this needs to be prearranged during set up for the visit