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TPG NBN Home Superfast & Home Ultrafast Plans are here


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Premium speeds without the premium price.


Sign up to TPG NBN Home Superfast or NBN Home Ultrafast as a new customer and get 6 months at a discounted price. Gaming, streaming, and downloading will be a breeze with estimated typical evening speeds* of 200Mbps and 250Mbps respectively.



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Once active, all you need to get online is a compatible high-speed modem and an NBN connection. We’ll get you set up for $0, and then you’re on your way to fast speeds!


Want to know if your home can go superfast on the NBN? Enter your address at this link and find out today.


Bring your own compatible high-speed modem required.
Available in NBN FTTP & selected NBN HFC areas. Offer available for new customers only. *Typical Evening Speeds are subject to change and are measured 7pm-11pm Actual throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to various factors. As these are new plans, the speeds stated here are currently an estimate. TPG will revise these Typical Evening Speeds once it has collected enough data on the speed performance of these plans. New development fee may apply. 6 month offer for new customers only.

Level 3

Is the upload speed on the "NBN Home Superfast" plan any faster than the 20Mbps that I get on my current 100Mbps plan?

And can I change back to the 100Mbps plan if I am not happy with the "NBN Home Superfast" plan?


Hi @jobce


Welcome to TPG Community! 


The NBN high speed offer is currently available for FTTP and select HFC addresses. Based on the account that I have pulled up using your community details, you are currently on NBN FTTN; hence, there is no option to upgrade to the NBN high speed. 


Let us know if you require further assistance. 


Best regards, 


Level 3

I'm on FTTN 100/40 with TPG now.

NBN says FTTP Upgrade is available for me (my city is in the upgrade list since Feb21) if I subscribe to a SuperFast plan with a provider.

TPG is saying I need to wait for NBN to upgrade my property to FTTP before I can sign up for SuperFast 200.


Chicken or Egg first?

Level 1a

Nicely done, I expected that given you own the network (the cables in the ground) the scale up in reference to speed may be somewhat more effective than operating under the NBN. When you find yourselves dumping the 200mbs plan at $80 a month I'll be your most loyal consumer, but it's just a little high for my situation currently, as I service multiple FTTB accounts already with you and the speed as a basic service is pretty decent. Still I admit that I can't wait for the moment those prices come down and I'll be the first to sign up. Congratulations TPG team.