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Home phone line has no dial tone but ADSL2+ working.

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Hi all, I have ADSL2+ with phone line but for the past week there is no dial tone on the phone but internet all works fine. Have tried troubleshooting by disconnecting all devices and reconnecting them one-by-one, unplugging and replugging all devices, etc and still no luck.




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Have you tried to use a different handset? I tried to use your community details to pull up the account, however It shows 2 different accounts.

I would love to help and see what causes no dial tone on your home phone. I'd like to get your account details (Username/Customer ID and the address on the account).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community





Thanks for sending me your details. I ran initial tests on your service it shows a line fault causing the home phone not to work; I raised this to our Engineering Team for further test and investigation. Assessment will take 24-48hrs and updates will be provided via SMS or Phone call by one of our Engineers. Let me know should you require further assistance.



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Hi Shane,


Just wondering if there's any update - it's been close to a week and the phone line is still silent when picked up.


Thanks in advance.


Hi @DTZS, we can see that our Engineering Team lodged the case to Telstra  and they have booked a technician to check the service anytime between now and 14/Dec/2018.


Our Engineering Team is closely monitoring this and will contact you as soon as new updates become available.

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Hi Riezl,


Thanks for the update. I presume the fault is somewhere between our property and the street and that I won't be required to be home to allow the technician any access?


Please let me know if I do, as the 13th is today (I guess that'd be too late), and tomorrow is also a week day.


Thanks again.


Hi @DTZS, as advised by our wholesale partner Telstra, you are not required to be home as the technician will only check the line outside.


If there's a need to access the first telephone socket, we may need to book another technician visit, but it will depend on the outcome of the investigation.


The case engineer is monitoring your case and will contact you once a final report is received from the Telstra Technician.

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Hi ,


I have exactly the same problem


Hi @sebu24


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I located your TPG account using your community details as reference and from what I can tell both your home phone and internet should be working at this stage.


Can I clarify the exact issue you're having?




Hi @sebu24, thanks for providing your parent's account details.


As per checking, the issue has been escalated to our Engineering Team and they are working on sending a Telstra technician to investigate the issue.


The case engineer will contact you via SMS or a phone call as soon as the schedule becomes available.


Should you have further queries, feel free to message us. Thank you.