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How do I block an imcoming number NBN voip? I'm ill in bed due to long term illness scam callers.

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So the most annoying scam call is "Im Nicole from NBN" your about to get cut off. I know is a scam.
The thing is a computer calls maybe 20 or 40 numbers all at once spoofing a national number. Whoever picks up gets the option to press 1 to get scammed.

I have a long term illness and am home all day and this last week I have had up to 20 calls I'm guessing in the day.

The annoyance is the constant ringing and being sick.

No use reporting numbers etc they are call centrers overseas and they change evey a few times a day but they do use the same number for a few hours.

I know phones have all blocking but HOW DO I BLOCK PERMANENTLY an INCOMING NUMBER.
I loggined into my account but nothing there in the NBN voip for INCOMING CALLS.

Also logged into TP Link Archer vr1600v and cannot see anything for voip in there either and blocking calls. YOu can do it on mobile phones so you MUST have a way.

I have a answering machine to make sure to screen for medical and important calls. I wonder if that makes me more of a target to the computers as it is picked up. I don't have the option to disconnect the phone.



Hi @spotts ,


We did an article that you may find helpful. Feel free to visit the link below.


How to Handle Scam Calls/ Emails


Let us know should you require further assistance.




Level 3

I'm sorry but the link isn't helpful. So can you confirm is there no way to block incoming calls in either the router or on my NBN voip account settings on your website?


I need a solution that allows me block so the phone doesnt ring every 15 minutes sometimes on come days.


Being in bed ill it wakes me and I now have to sleep with the phone next to me and hang up as soon as they call having written the number but it still wakes. me.

So if you can clairy my question then I'll have to look for a handset that has the ability to block numbers.

Such a pain.

I can see searching on this issue I am not alone so if you there is no way to block incoming calls from TPG's website or router then can you please add this ability on your website and pass this request on.


Hi @spotts,


At the moment TPG do not have a feature to block a certain number. But you may consider reporting the numbers to ACMA via this link: If you have a handset that has an option to block in coming call you may also use it.

Apologize for inconvenience.  We will definitely take note of your feedback to have the option to block unwanted callers. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our service.

We value our customer's privacy and on your particular concern we may suggest to have your phone number changed.

Let us know if you wish to proceed with changing of your phone number. Feel free to PM us your best contact number and preferred contact time tomorrow. We'll have one of our Account Specialists contact you to discuss details.