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Landline not working

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Since NBN was installed I have not been able to use my landline - it is plugged into the Phone 1 port on the router.  When I try to make a call all I get is a continuous tone rather than a dial tone.  Not sure if removing the ADSL phone connections would help.


Hi @padraic3, since you're on NBN now, you need to make sure that your telephone handset is properly set up and this community article may help you: Where to plug in your telephone handset with NBN?


If you have another handset connected to a different telephone socket, kindly disconnect it. Your VoIP service shows registered here and it should be working. We are suspecting a possible issue with the set up, but if the issue persists after double checking it, please let us know so we can investigate further. Thank you.

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Thank you for your help, my landline is now working! The article was very useful. Julia


Great! Feel free to drop us a message should you need any assistance. Cheers!

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Not sure if removing the ADS  rufus   L phone connections uc browser  filezilla   would help.