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Archer VR1600v v2 - Daylight Savings Settings

Level 3

Since Melbourne went to Daylight Savings this year my Modem has been stuck on Brisbane time.

After much research, I discovered that it is necessary to update the Archer modem's daylight savings rules to Australia and then enable the rules. Now the time stamp on incoming phone calls is correct


Perhaps TPG could have a "User Guide" to help customers enable the relevant settings


The steps are

  1. Logo to modem
  2. Select the "Advanced Tab"
  3. Select "System Tools" from the bottom of the left menu
  4. Select "Time Settings" on the new menu
  5. Then set up the daylight savings rules, enable them and save the new settings
  6. The system time will now be correct
  7. Enable Daylight Saving - Archer Modems.jpg