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NBN HFC Modem Only Power Light No Internet

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Hello All,


Late Thursday night the internet cut out... the Black HFC Modem only displaying the power light the rest are blank..

Email Tpg on friday morning about it (already had a ticket open regarding NOT being able to dial 6 digit 13 numbers).

Got a call saying a tech will message me when they can come out. Recieved a text saying they can't come out till Monday...

So im with out a home for or NBN till Monday, 3 days straigt, not happy.... I mean a few hours is ok, but multiple days....all i can do is have to fork out a 4G Usb as backup.. no VOIP on the back up system Smiley Sad

Sorry about the rant...

Regard the modem, i have tried reseting and power cycling... un pluging  the cable and reinstalling it... all not working... 


Any sugestions would be nice...


Thanks for all Help



Hi @CUZ11N 


Thanks for raising this to us.


We have responded to your comment available here.


We've seen that our Engineering team has been in touch with you yesterday and was advised that the case was escalated to NBN Co for further investigation as there's a possible fault within their network or the NBN equipment.


A technician is booked to visit your premises on Monday to run further diagnostics. Updates will be provided when its available via SMS or Phone call. We apologise for any inconvenience. Let us know should you require further assistance.