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NBN high Latency due to modem?

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Does anyone use their NBN to game online with PS4? I was on the 25/5 plan and experienced high latency/lagging. Upgraded to 50/20 and it was better but still lag and now ive just upgraded to 100/40 and will see how that goes.

Has anyone used a different modem like a netgear skyhawk or something similar and noticed a difference for the better in ping and lagging?

I'm wondering if instead of upgrading plans wether a new modem might be the fix? I'm using the Huawei modem that TPG supply and my NBN is HFC connection... running speed tests and i get near the top speed of each plan however its not consistent.. i use ethernet cable from router to ps4 and it doubled my speed but latency remains.....

Would love to hear from others who game online using ps4 with no lag and what your fix is!


Hi @Azka,


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I would love to help. I'd like to know if this is happens to all the PS4 Online Games or if this happened on a specific game.


What troubleshooting have you done so far? Can you post a screenshot of the latency issue?


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