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New customer provided with faulty modem

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I've been with Telstra for many years but thought I would try out TPG for my new NBN connection. The NBN was connected today and plugged into the TPG modem/router. The Ethernet connection was operating as expected for my 100Mbps plan. However the wifi performance was very poor, generally between 2Mbps and 15Mbps, while standing directly in front of the modem.  

After 2 hours on the phone to the TPG technical helpdesk and performing every test possible, the officer concluded that I had been issued with a faulty TPG modem. Regrettably I was then informed that before it could be replaced, an approval process had to be submitted which would take 1 to 2 days, followed by up to 3 days for delivery.  I requested a quicker delivery, and enquired as to why there needed to be a delay seeking approval given the officer had already concluded the modem was faulty. I pointed out that this delay would mean internet access for myself and my family would be very poor over the Christmas period. My request for immediate replacement was denied, as was my request to escalate to a manager.

I am very disappointed that after TPG diagnosed that they had provided me wth faulty equipment, they have been unwilling to make an effort to replace it with any sense of priority.


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We're able to locate your account using your community details. Based on the log on file all troubleshooting has been done and a modem/router replacement is expected to be ship today. We'll notify you via SMS or Private Message once consignment number is available.