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No seamless WiFi handoff from VR1600v to DSL-2544N (MAC flush issue?)

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I'm trying to set up seamless WiFi handoff (same SSID&WPA2-PSK/AES) between Archer VR1600v (provided with TPG NBN HFC) and D-Link DSL-2544N (provided with TPG Naked DSL), but it only works in one direction.

NBN HFC box is connected to VR1600v (HW: v2 / FW: 0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 190228 Rel.72265n), itself hard wired (CAT5E) to DSL-2544N (FW: AU_1.18).

When moving from DSL-2544N range to VR1600v range, WiFi handoff with Android devices is seamless.

When moving from VR1600v range to DSL-2544N range, WiFi data stops and Android devices switch to 4G. When checking WiFi connections on Android device, DSL-2544N access point reports "Failed to obtain IP address" for roughly 3 minutes, after which it connects again to DSL-2544N access point. If I try again but this time move back within VR1600v range before the 3 minutes, connection back to VR1600v access point is instantaneous.


My conclusion is that VR1600v does not flush my devices' MAC addresses (learned against the WiFi port) upon handoff to another access point, and therefore does not forward traffic to the LAN port towards the DSL-2544N until MAC aging timer expires.


Can a Tier2/3 technician investigate and advise of any suitable VR1600v firmware to use?

Both devices are standard from TPG so this should be easy to replicate.




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Hi pvautrin. Is there anything in the system logs of the routers to indicate what they are doing regarding the wifi device? Especially the Failed message.

What are the DHCP setting and dynamic pool range on each router?

Are there other wifi devices in use at the time you do this test? Or any cabled devices?