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Please enable backup and restore settings function for Archer vr1600v routers

Level 3

Hello TPG,


In light of the many logged incidents of our modems being factory reset the other night outside our control, coupled with the fact that we are unable to backup and restore settings causing all of us to have to re configure our modems from scratch:


Please enable the backup and restore settings function in our firmware! The ability is there in the router firmware but it seems in our customised firmware you have disabled the option


This option should have always been enabled regardless of the incident that occurred the other night as it is just a basic function of any router to be able to do this.


Please join with me others to upvote this thread to show your support for TPG to enable this function. TPG can you please provide us with a legitmiate reason why this functiuonality is disabled? And if the reason is to protect users from accidents, shouldnt a factory restore still override everything anyway if they accidently restore an invalid configuration they can always get back to the default config anyway?



Level 2
I too would like this functionality not be added as standard.