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Settings for a technicolor tg789myrvac v2 to FTTN

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I'm trying to get my MyRepublic modem to work with TPG. My Archer keeps kicking 2 phones and the PC off the WIFi and you need to restart the modem  before any will log back in.


I couldn't get it to work as it was so I rooted the modem and I've got a new gui. I think it's running OpenWRT.


Wan Interface VDSL

Wan Type PPP over Ethernet

Vlan ID Mine defaults to 835. TPLink is 2 I've tried both

Username <my user name> and tpg-acs@tpg-acs

Password mine and tpg-acs

ISP Autodetect

This is what the log says when i enable PPP.

14/06/2021 10:05:10: <4>Dec 16 16:37:46 kernel: [ 1895.557000] netdev path : eth4.835 -> eth4
14/06/2021 10:05:10: <29>Dec 16 16:37:46 netifd: Interface 'wan' is enabled
14/06/2021 10:05:10: <6>Dec 16 16:37:46 kernel: [ 1895.583000] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth4.835: link is not ready

Phone line not plugged in? I've broken it?



Hi @sscratchie . In the manual provided by iiNet, there is no mention of VLAN ID, unless your OpenWRT supports it. Also, this device might only do ADSL on the RJ11 port and VDSL on the WAN port.

The log is saying "eth4 link is not ready", ie. the WAN port.

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help iinet net au/how-setup-tg-789-broadband-gateway-nbn fttbn

"Plug a phone cable from the telephone wall socket into the grey DSL port on your TG-789".


How do you know the wan port is eth4? 0-3 are probably lan ports but 4 could could be either wan or vlan.


I've got the wan port turned off. It's definitely not ready. I think next is ssh in and see if I can work out the network ports. 

Edit. OpenWRT supports Vlan ID

@sscratchie . My mistake. TG789 does support TPG FTTN with same settings as for iiNet.

Regarding OpenWrt, according to their device database, TG789 is not supported, only TG582n.

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My mistake too. I rooted the modem and installed a new gui. It adds support for Vlan ID.

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This guy and a few other places say it runs a customised OpenWRT. I rooted the modem and copied a file called vbnt-l_16.3.7190-2761003-20170907085601-501361d1f0abcd3206e49f0897c4a6cca07a114d.rbi 17MB to it. I think it's just a replacement GUI.