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TPG broadband over HFC with Google Mesh Wifi

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Hi, I can see this has been covered in a few other posts - but I am still unsure of a few things. 


Just plain first question - can you set up Google Nest Mesh Wifi relatively easily with a TPG HFC NBN connection? Or does it require some kind of expert knowledge? Or does it just not work at all?


I've tried plugging it into the combined TP-link Archer VR1600v router/modem, switching off the wifi on that router, logging into the router to enable bridging mode, plugging the Nest directly into the black Arris box - which I have seen recommended on some posts - noting works. I cannot even get to a stage in the set up where I can used Google Home to connect to Wi-Fi - it just never connects (screen grab attached). 


Is this a HFC thing? A TPG thing? Any help would be appreciated. I bought this system because it was described as the easy one to set up!


Hi @tulips,


Here are some threads that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to set up google mesh on TPG's supplied modem.


See the link below.


Let us know how it goes.