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TPLink VR 1600 V Internet Intermittantly Unavailable on 5ghz band only


Thanks for the clarification, tom89. We would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further investigation and real-time testing. Let us know your account details (Username/Customer ID) together with your best contact number and preferred time.



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Did you ever get this resolved?


I am on my third TPLink VR 1600 all with the same problem (TPG insisted I swap each time), including an engineer visit who also confirmed the issue on the 5Ghz network.


At this point TPG are refusing to provide a different make/model or assist further.

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Nope. I had another router that I was using before I joined TPG that I now use. Pretty disappointing to be honest.

Hi @j3r1cho,


We normally suggest to use 5GHz since it transmits data at a faster speed than that of 2.4GHz. However, the range is shorter for 5GHz and some older devices may not be compatible with it. So as a general rule, if your devices can detect 5GHz, then go for that band. Else, pick 2.4GHz as a last resort.