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Unable to Port Forward on Huawei hg659

Level 1a

I have notice alot of similar posts over the problem with port forwarding on this router.

So the issue is i port forwarded all the ports i need to host a game Rfactor 2 and also set the trigger ports.

Pc has a static ip over wifi in the ipv4

I have the pc with the firewall off

I have the pc set in a DMZ with the router

No matter what i do i can never see any open ports with a port checker and the weird thing is these are also common ports that dont open either.

I just dont know what else i can do to get the router to open ports!!

Ever since i have had this router and the NBN i can even get my other pc's to talk to each other over the LAN properly



Hi @flyfisho,


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Can you please provide us the lists of the ports that you are trying to open? We'd like to look into it further.


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Level 1a

Hey BasilDV

Ports are:

54297 TCP + UDP
  64297 TCP
  64298 UDP
  64299 UDP


Level 5


There shouldn't be any issue with thoes ports.

Try to factory reset the modem and reconfigure those ports after.