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VR1600v firmware upgrade

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Hi @Shane ,


I would like to upgrade my router's firmware and I've PM-ed you the details.




Hi @yongjiajun,


I'm stepping in since @Shane is currently not available.


Your modem/router's firmware is currently the latest one.


If you are experiencing issues with your 5GHz WiFi network, it is possible that signal interference is causing it.


We've created an article that will guide you on how to improve your WiFi network. Here's the link.


If the issue persists, please let us know.




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Hi Team,

What is the latest release of firmware TPG is using for the Hardware Archer VR1600v v1 00000000?

My current firmware is on Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n.

Are there release notes so that we can understand what the changes in code are in terms of features/bug fixes/vulnerabilities are?




Hi @CanWeFixIt,


Your modem has the latest firmware.


The details will be given once a new update is available.




Level 1b



Can you please update my firmware if possible, the current details are listed below.


Thank you!


0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.56416n

Archer VR1600v v1 00000000


Hi @jasonellul


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to pull up your account using your Community details and can see that your modem already has the latest firmware. 


Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to let us know. 




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Hi Ahra, could you kindly upgrade my firmware as well. Mine is
1.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 180828 Rel.35294n. Thanks

Hi @albert1184


Thanks for taking the time to post! 


Based on the details you've given, your modem already has the newest firmware version. 



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I see so wby the release no is different?

Hi @albert1184,


We have different types of modem firmware for different types of service.


Your modem for your TPG FTTB service already has the latest one.


Let us know if you need further assistance.