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Very unsatisfied with TPG customer service

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I purchased NBN FTTC internet connection on 2nd April but few days later received only the TP Link Modem and no NBN FTTC device for internet connection. Since then, I have been sending regular emails for complaints on TPG Customer service but I am receiving no reply. Please support to resolve my issue and guide me further



Syed Haider


Hi @rizvi1985,


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We've edited your post which has your account information and mobile number. Please avoid the posting of personal details on the public page e.g. customer ID, telephone numbers and similar pieces of information as they may compromise your account security.


Upon checking the provision address, it is listed as for remote activation only which means that an NCD was installed there before, however, since the NCD is missing our service delivery team has requested for a new NCD.


The installation of your NBN FTTC service is still in progress and will provide you with updates via Email or phone call once available.


Let us know should you require further assistance.


Kind regards,


Level 2

I have the same problem.

Modem delivered but no NCD.

I have posted about this as well. Hopefully they send me one.


Did it take long for you to get conected?


Hi @michaelhinkson,

We're able to locate your account using your community details. The order is tagged as service class 34 which means that there should be an existing NCD/NBN box. Did you just recently moved in to this address?

Regards ,


Hi @michaelhinkson,


Our NBN Provisioning Team sent you an NBN Box (NCD) May take 1-2 working days within metro and 2-4 working days on rural areas.


Let us know should you require further assistance.